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About Us

We would like to introduce our firm King Ocean Marine Equipment Repairing established in 2018,who has support and authorized to do services for other firm's by U.A.E.

Our Services

King Ocean Marine Equipment Repairing as the name has suggest you the services but this firm operate and give services in field of a multinational firm. Services are as follows:

  • Ship & Boat Maintenance & Services
  • All Kinds of Storage Tank Cleaning & Solutions
  • All Kinds of Fabrication Works
  • Chipping & Painting
  • Waste Management & Sludge
  • All Kinds of Ship Tank Cleaning & Solutions
  • Bitumen Tank Cleaning
  • Specialized Manpower Supply
  • Electro Mechanical Repairs
  • All Value Added Services.

We have highly qualified engineers and technical staffs whose job will be to give excellent and satisfying work to clients. King Ocean Marine Equipment Repairing will have a high proportion profitability relationship with other firm's whose goal will not be maximizing its profit but other firm as well.

King Ocean Marine Equipment Repairing will have guaranteed to have excellent services to clients and to work in tough environment where other firm's will not operate but we will.

All Kinds of Ship Tank Cleaning & Solutions

From water tank cleaning to oil tank cleaning, we can provide various Tank cleaning services for commercial, industrial and offshore requirements Tank Cleaning, Carbon & Clay marine vessels - Tank cleaning offshore and onshore Tank Cleaning (Oil storage Tanks, Ballast tank) Removal and disposal of sludge, Oil Waste disposal, Spillage Cleaning

All kinds of Bitumen

We pride ourselves in developing a positive working relationship with you, so that we can meet your needs and wishes more precisely That’s what makes King Ocean Marine the best Bitumen tank cleaning contractors in the business

Ship / Boat Maintenance & Services

The ship repair division provision major repair and conversion services of all types of marine Ship / Boat and barges with back skilled work force, the company is fully equipped to handle a broad range of vessel repair

All Kinds of Fabrication Work

King Ocean Marine do any types of steel fabrication works structure Tank & Pipe line We fabricate and replace any peace of steel, above the water line also general replacement in topside tanks, double bottom tanks Cargo holds, deck’s & Pipe installation & fabrication

Hydro-blasting & Painting

HYDRO-BLASTING is usually the first approach to clear the blockage from the inside of pipes King Ocean Has a range of hydro-jetting equipment at various operating pressures, which engage spinning nozzles to clean the pipes King Ocean Marine is able to remove difficult incrustations from the inside of pipes (150mm to 1,000mm bore) in a fast and efficient manner with greater flexibility. It rotates the pipe. The feed unit will feed or pull the hose automatically in or out of the pipe

Main Power Supply

Specialized Manpower Supply We can supply, Welder, Fabricator, Sandblaster, Painter, Mechanic, Electrician, Helper & Cleaner

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Work Shop 2. Mohamed Building, Hatta, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Contact Number

Mob. No. : + 971 0585566686

Email Address: info@kingoceanuae.com